Sports Betting as a quick and easy method of getting rich

Sports betting is one the ways that is quoted to be an effective get rich quick scheme. It is relatively low effort and does not require too high of an upfront cost. The odds of winning are slim but no slimmer than traditional betting in generic casinos. This method has proven to be attractive with multi-millionaires like Drake, the rapper betting a million United States dollars on the multi-champion NBA team, Golden State Warriors just last year. Basketball bets and NBA betting are seasonal which gives room for players to participate in other industries during down time.

The method to successfully win in sports betting is pick a niche and focus on it. The choices for one's niche include but are not limited to horse racing, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, and etc. It is vital to remember that the bookmakers (the party that accepts your bet and awards one with their cash prize) is always working hard to ensure that everything finally works in their favour in the end. They will decide on the odds and the lines, and they do so in a way that gives them a leg up. Most tracks only charge a minimum fee of two dollars for a single bet while some places even allow a singular dollar wager to participate in the bookmakers round of bets. Another way to ensure that one gets rich by participating in sports betting is to play the frequency game. Veteran sports better have their bets in various sports betting rounds across different bookmakers. They successfully carry this out by employing runners to make their bets for them since they cannot be in many places at the same time.

Here, it would be wise to be registered with differing sports betting places and websites as the bookmakers both online and offline, will start to notice if their players' bets are exceptionally sharp at choosing their bets. When a player’s bet is flagged as suspicious for winning too many times in succession, the bookmakers will start to take in less of your bets to limit the amount that you are winning off them.

Whichever sport the player is betting on, it is important to learn the art of locating value in betting odds. While having a credible knowledge of the sport is an advantage, identifying value and accurately predicting where and when to play one’s hand is just as vital to sports betting. Identifying value in a sports betting market involves assessing the probabilities of the available possible outcomes and making comparisons of them to the implied probabilities of the relevant odds.

For the first part, we take into account the history of the team that we are betting on and make calculated estimations on, for example, the possibility of Golden State Warriors winning Game 7 for the Final Championship for the year 2023. For this scenario, let's say we assume there is a 60% chance for the Golden State Warriors winning. Next, before placing a bet on either Golden State Warriors or Lakers, sports betters would have to go on their favourite sports betting websites and observe the odds that are on offer on the site. Those odds are then placed into the following formula: (1 / Odds) x 100. The results of this equation must be better than the previously mentioned 60% because sports betting is about looking for instances where the actual probability is higher than the implied probability.

There are also two popular and commonly used terms when it comes to betting of any kind namely, house edge and return to player (RTP). Here, patrons need to take note of the likelihood that the betting range or bookmakers will take their money in comparison to the expected rewards for them for the day. For example, a bookmaker's bet has a RTP of 96.5%, this indicates that the sports betting patron should likely receive MYR 96.5 on every hundred ringgit spent for the day. As for house edge, it is well-known that the more time you spend playing at a casino or at a horse racing venue, the more money you will lose. In formula terms, the increase in time spent playing equals to increased chances of losing. The House Edge is a term used to illustrate the mathematical advantage that the gambling venue or sports betting range has over a player over time.

While sports betting may be an easy way to win quick money, it would drastically improve one’s chances of winning if they could do some research on their bets and play the frequency game. As with all casino and betting tips and tricks, this should not be used as financial advice. Gambling or wagering of any kind should be proceeded with caution and players must gamble within their means to avoid any detriment to their financial health.


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