DaMaCai’s Zodiac game gives fans a chance to bet with their personal zodiac and offers many options for playing their lottery

In 1988, Pan Malaysia Pool, or PMP for short, was established with a main function to administer and run the Numbers Forecast Totalisator company in accordance with the Racing (Totalisator Board) Act of 1961. In August of 2011, Jana Education Malaysia Sdn Bhd purchased their shares with every net dividend received after purchase being gifted to The Community Chest (TCC). With this organisational setup, PMP has effectively changed from a not-for-profit group to a social enterprise, allowing TCC to become a benefactor that had Malaysians best interest at heart.

DaMaCai (DMC) is so well-known that whenever the name is mentioned, the word “kuda” (Malay for horse) comes to mind because the company's emblem features a horse. The game has gained so much traction that it is now ingrained in Malaysian culture. The "kuda 4D" is a popular game that many people have played at least once before and it has evolved into a means for individuals to hope of altering their fortune and earning a significant portion of money.

The word Kuda is closely associated with this game; it is played commonly in Malaysia as often as regulars making it a weekly ritual. There are many ways and methods patrons can utilise to pick their chosen figures for their bets. Among them are using the company’s app that helps to randomly generate numbers for your perusal. The dmcGO app has a feature named Photo Numbers where it analyses your photos that you feed it such as your daily lunch menu and it will return figures for your reference. Besides, dmcGO, the mobile betting channel of Da Ma Cai also carried Tua Pek Kong Numbers so players can check your inspiration numbers at their own convenience and at their own personal pace.

Another reason that patrons of DMC love DMC games and stay loyal is because DMC has a myriad of functions that ease the game playing and lottery experience for fans. For instance, indecisive patrons who are unable to commit to their auspicious numbers due to bad past experiences can utilise Lucky Pick numbers which are randomly generated DaMaCai’s computer systems. Using a computer-generated digit selector eliminates the situation where one blames their own lucky numbers when they lose which causes them to hate their birth year or other numbers that are closely related to their loved ones.

Besides that, DMC also rewarded loyal fans and players with a cash reward for their 3+3D Bonus Contest with a cash reward. With a 10 ringgit 3+3D Bonus bet in a single ticket, each customer was entitled for a contest entry. There were more than 130 cash prizes adding up to RM138,000 including 6 Grand Prizes of ten thousand ringgit and six second place winners earning six thousand each. Six third place winners will get two thousand ringgit each while 120 Consolation Prizes of RM500 each were up for grabs.

Players can either purchase tickets or at authorised retail locations to play 3D and 4D games. DaMaCai is governed and sanctioned by the Malaysian government and is renowned for its openness and fair play. One is able to buy your auspicious numbers using a mobile phone and payment can be made using a myriad of channels. There have also been past promotional deals that are carried out by DMC for the convenience of their customers.

Da Ma Cai introduced a new game which includes one's personal zodiac sign into their lottery game. With a total prize of 120 thousand ringgit, this game of chance is very attractive as it only requires an initial investment of just one ringgit. 3+3D Bonus is a new game offered by Da Ma Cai. This 6D game also gives customers 3 Bonus winning chances and contains 45,977 winning prizes for every draw. To join the game, patrons need to pick their favourite six digits ranging from one to nine and then choose one of the 12 available zodiacs. A Weekly Bonus of 30 grand shall be added to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Bonus respectively for every Sunday Draw to be accumulated until won.

There is also an alternative option where fans of the lottery can choose the Z bet option where it covers all available zodiacs ensuring that they will definitely win the bonus zodiac prize. With that being said, there is also the option of bet iZ where players can equally bet on all zodiac options with just one ringgit. One of the unique features of DMC’s 3+3D bonus, a Special Bonus will be added to the 3+3D Bonus draw on selected Sunday determined by Da Ma Cai and is to be distributed equally to each of the 3 main Bonus Prizes.


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