DaMaCai Zodiac Bonus Game’s winning strategies are dependent on luck and timing

Pan Malaysia Pool, or PMP for short, was established with a main function to administer and run the Numbers Forecast Totalisator company in accordance with the Racing (Totalisator Board) Act of 1961. On August 9, 2011, Jana Education Malaysia Sdn Bhd purchased their shares with every net dividend received after purchase being gifted to The Community Chest (TCC). With this organisational setup, PMP has effectively changed into a social enterprise, allowing TCC to become a benefactor that is interested in the needs of Malaysians.

Because PMP does not provide financial contributions to educational institutions such as schools, TCC collaborates with contractors and school administrators to develop, renovate, and improve physical infrastructure and facilities that require immediate care for the benefit of students. Patrons and fans of the lottery alike have states that they feel better knowing that they have purchased a possible winning number from DaMaCai due to the DMC's significant support of the education industry. Damacai is a passionate advocate for education industry where TCC provides finance for unviable educational institutions that do not have access to appropriate funding or assistance from the government or the community, primarily through PMP's earnings.

Instead of donating actual physical sums of money, they donate resources such as labour and materials. In order to ensure that old buildings are safe and conducive for students, TCC volunteers work harmoniously and simultaneously with Malaysian Chinese and Tamil primary schools constructing new structures and additional facilities like multi-purpose halls and laboratories. Increased revenues allow for more money to be distributed under the TCC because the PMP is now entirely committed to academic development which opens up the possibility for more spaces to be renovated in institutions along with old structures that need to be updated.

Da Ma Cai has introduced a new game which includes one's personal zodiac sign into the lottery game. With a total prize of 120 thousand ringgit, this game of chance is very attractive as it only requires an initial investment of just one ringgit. 3+3D Bonus is a new game offered by Da Ma Cai. This 6D game also gives customers 3 Bonus winning chances and contains 45,977 winning prizes for every draw.

To join the game, patrons need to pick their favourite six digits ranging from one to nine and then choose one of the 12 available zodiacs. A Weekly Bonus of 30 grand shall be added to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize Bonus respectively for every Sunday Draw to be accumulated until it has been fully won. Winning this game is very reliant on luck and timing. A citizen of Johor Bahru, Malaysia stated that he missed out on winning more than 360 thousand ringgit by not participating in the zodiac 3-3D Bonus Game. He was recommended to try out the zodiac game of chance by a cashier. She praised the ease and convenience of the game by mentioning that patrons simply needed to combine their age and birth year to their personal zodiac sign to participate in the game. Players of this zodiac game should be cautious and realise that chances of winning the game is slim to none. In certain scenarios, when one loses this game, they end up hating their personal zodiacs and birth year. It is important to note that even when losing while using your auspicious zodiac, it does not indicate that one is cursed as these winning zodiacs are simply computer-generated draws.

Fortunately for the prosperous Johorian, he won another game by DaMaCai on the same day which was the House Share System Bet (HSSB 10) winning him over 2.8 million ringgit. House Share System Bet (HSSB) allows patrons to “pau” (aka combine) and place bets or stake their chances on all possible pairing combinations for the 1+3D Jackpot numbers. This proves to be a cheaper option for Da Ma Cai customers to play 1 share of a system bet to improve their probabilities. DaMaCai is so well-known that whenever the name is mentioned, the word kuda (Malay for horse) comes to mind as the company's emblem features a horse. The game has gained so much attention that it is now ingrained in Malaysian culture. The "kuda 4D" is a popular game that many people have played at least once before in their lives and it has evolved into a means for individuals giving them hope of altering their life and earning a life-changing funds.

Players can either purchase tickets or at authorised retail locations to play 3D and 4D games. DaMaCai is governed and sanctioned by the Malaysian government and is renowned for its openness and fair play. One is able to buy their favourite auspicious numbers using their personal mobile phone and payment can be made using a variety of channels. There have also been promotional deals that are carried out by DMC for the convenience of their customers.

Links: https://www.damacai.com.my/detailed-in-the-news/20180721-you-are-your-own-god-of-fortune/

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