Get rich schemes and free money hacks

There are many hacks and schemes available on the market to obtain free money. One of these schemes includes opening a new credit card account. Next, use it for basic daily expenses and necessities and pay it off promptly. The points earned will be maximised as most companies will give out incentives to new customers such as 5x points. The points earned from this hack can be used to offset flight tickets for a vacation or to get free car fuel for a while. Frequent users of this hack tend to repeat this for multiple different credit card companies as it is not technically illegal and in the long-run helps them to earn a sizable amount of “free money”.

Other than that, some banks offer cash back, cash bonuses, or other promotions as an incentive to get new users. This tends to lead to a higher than usual number of new accounts being opened at the bank. The new users would open an account and put in the required amount then close the account after a certain time period while withdrawing their cash. This allows them to enjoy not only their initial deposited cash but also their additional cash earned from opening an account.

The problem with this is that it requires a good amount of planning and cash to carry out successfully. The next tip in getting rich quick whilst expensing the most minimal amount of effort is through selling digital products on Etsy. Some individuals who are creatively advantaged have stated that they have seen success by selling their templates on Etsy. Since digital products such as journal templates or personalised calendars do not require a physical copy, they eliminate the need for a warehouse to store inventory. Digital copies of these “products” are distributed in pdf or jpg to anyone who purchases them leading the artist who is selling them to earn significant and sizable passive income.

Other free money-making tips include being a third-party for betting retail stores such as SportsToto. It can be as simple as making bets for a friend who was too busy to go to the store to place their bet. This works for online betting as well. Here, the winning of the friend is shared as a fee for the service of placing a bet on my behalf. This act of third-party betting is illegal in most countries and one should be aware of local rules and regulations before carrying out this activity.

Besides that, some websites pay users a small cash sum for answering surveys, making referrals, or for allowing their website to monitor your purchasing patterns. These websites that pay users for watching advertisements and videos have the same odds as sweepstakes and contests which is slim to none. The amount earned is hardly ever justified by the time spent answering surveys and crafting a riveting enough review to qualify for payment.

Another way of getting rich quickly is starting a GoFundMe. Whether their story is legitimate or not, many users use GoFundMe to get free money and with the site taking only a small percentage of one's earnings, it is an attractive site and side hustle to get rich quick. With that being said, it is not ethical to craft a fake tragedy for the sake of making free money and as an added hindrance, the website is usually oversaturated with many stories that have similar tragedy plots. One would need to find a unique niche on that site to gather more views and earn more dollars.

Crypto enthusiasts have also stated that no prior experience or knowledge is necessary to turn a hefty profit in their industry. The idea is simple, purchase crypto coins or NFTs (jpegs of images online that hold high value and whose ownership is not transferable via a screenshot) when the price is extremely low and sell it at its peak. For example, pioneers in the industry have been known to purchase Bored Ape Yatch Club NFTs at USD 200 and sell them for upwards of 100 million USD. The only prerequisite for making quick money here is having a little bit of luck or alternatively, scouring relevant Discord channels or social media chats for smart tips. Some group chats in crypto would give out weekly or daily tips on which coins or NFTs are lucrative and the ease of entrance to these groups vary with regards to the level of influential members present in the group.

Lastly, a lot of the younger generation are also quoting UGC videos as a way to become an overnight millionaire. They create videos on social media for corporations in a UGC way which stands for User Generated Content. This entails recording videos in a plain and simple manner as if one is simply talking to their followers and happens to recommend a product or service. Customers of today's day and age tend to not watch videos that have been professionally filmed by corporations and instead prefer to watch and engage with homemade and self-produced bite-sized videos. UGC videos are videos created by the audience or target market of the corporation for their customers which could be and could also not be themselves.

As with all money tips, hacks, and tricks, this should not be used as financial advice. If any of these tips are illegal in your country or local region, one should refrain from acting on them. Gambling or wagering of any kind should be proceeded with caution and players must gamble within their means to avoid any detriment to their financial health.

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