There are many ways of picking a lottery number in Grand Dragon Lottery

Grand Dragon Lottery or HaoLong Lotto is a Cambodian lottery. It is also played in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. It is similar to other lottery games of chance in Malaysia such that is follows the regular rules of common games such as 4D. Grand Dragon Lotto is also interested in giving back to their community and keeps the social interest of their organisation constantly in their concern and future plans.

Patrons and players alike can either purchase tickets online or at credible and legitimate online dealers or companies that help to buy the lottery stubs on their behalf. Others prefer to use either a third-party seller or online lottery collaboration methods. Certain specialised organisations may help patrons who live outside of Cambodia to purchase these tickets. Once the order is finalised, a duplicate of the ticket will be sent to the lottery patron. The results may be monitored on the official website and results are announced daily. The lottery ticket stubs condition must be pristine for one to collect their winnings. These strict rules have forced some individuals to lose out on their winnings due to torn or damaged tickets.

As a rule, lottery winnings are not taxed in Malaysia unlike in other countries and this has attracted many lottery enthusiasts to the nation however, this does come with certain terms and conditions. If the owner of a lottery winning ticket decides to invest his or her winnings, any income made from that will be taxed based on the differing tax brackets in Malaysia.

Winning the lottery can be due to accurately crafting the perfect and ultimate combination of numbers or consistency in using auspicious numbers persistently until it brings you the best prize. Usual patrons of lotteries tend to rely on their favourite digits or “lucky numbers”. An individual’s favourite number and their logic for choosing them are always subjective and differ based on case-to-case basis. Some individuals prefer to choose popular angel numbers as these numbers tend to bring them prosperity. Angel numbers are repetitive figures such as 555 or 7777. Other methods of choosing auspicious numbers for the lottery including betting on numbers that can be found or are repeatedly in one's immediate environment.

If one cannot decide or doesn’t trust themselves to pick the right digits, then they may choose to use a computer-generated number. The first option is to simply use ones own intuition and pick our four great numerals to bet on. If indecision plagues players then they may choose IBOX BET- Permutation where they can bet on any and all variations of their four digit number. For example, if they chose 2266 then they are also betting on 2626 and 6262, etc. Other than that, there is also the option of roll bet where the rollover of their first number would create a sequence of 10 unique four digits numbers that includes a differing initial number for each one. Rolling back would imply the same concept but generate 10 unique codes where the last digit differs. The last option for patrons who cannot decide or are reluctant to decide on their own numbers is the lucky pick bet. Here, in the lucky pick bet, a computer will automatically generate numbers for them and they can either win or blame their bad luck on externally factors.

Another type of HaoLong Jackpot lottery games that one can participate in such as the small or big bet for the 4D game. In the small bet, patrons will only win a prize if their lucky numbers appear in the first three prize rankings. Therefore, the small option has a smaller scope of only the first, second and third prize. This yields a higher payout and the opportunity to win a larger prize compared to the BIG Forecast. In big bet, patrons can win if their numerals appear in any prize category. This is attractive as the lower cost to entry yields higher chances of winning a prize. The big option covers a sum of 23 drawn numbers throughout five unique prize tiers: 1st to 4th and then special, and consolidation. With that being said, patrons should be wary of becoming addicted to gambling as chances of winning are small and they should always bet using amounts of money that are within their means.

There are many types of prizes available in Grand Dragon Lotto namely, up to six thousand dollars for the 4D games. As for the 3D games, players can win up until two hundred or over six hundred dollars depending on the type of games they bet on. Big bets include small prices, but a better variety of price levels for instance, 4D Mini Bet only has three prizes, but the amounts are more significant.


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